20mm Dark Blue and Khaki Adjustable Woven Fabric Single Pass Nato Watch Strap

20mm Dark Blue and Khaki Adjustable Woven Fabric Single Pass Nato Watch Strap

When you attach a NATO strap on your watch case, your watch is more secure than any other type of strap.


This extra security comes from the fact that your watch case will be attached to two different points; also known as the spring bars which are fixed in the lugholes of your watch. Suppose your watch hits a certain object such as a fence, doorknob and as a result, one spring bar fails then the second one will keep the watch attached to the strap.


Unlike typical two-layer NATO straps, which make your watch sit higher off of your wrist, our single-pass watch straps contour closely to your wrist and create a streamlined profile. These premium seat belt single-pass NATO straps have one movable firs keeper providing additional adjustment possibilities.


Made from a tightly woven nylon fabric with a silky finish. Extremely durable and comfortable to wear. Finished with laser sealed holes and heavy-duty, brushed, solid stainless steel silver buckle with polished edges and needle.


Length: 295mm without the buckle but the length is adjustable similarly like on perlon straps.


Thickness: 1.2mm

  • Usage & Handling

    Don't make any contacts with hard surfaces. 

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